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In May, the Network for Public Health Law published a report showing that in recent months at least 15 state legislators have passed or are considering passing measures that would restrict the legal authority of public health departments.

Among the provisions passed or considered are the following:

  • Prohibitions mandating citizens to wear masks;
  • Prohibiting health agencies from closing businesses or schools;
  • Prohibition of the use of quarantines for people who have not been shown to be ill;
  • Preventing state hospitals and universities from requiring vaccinations for employees and students;
  • Preventing local governments from using emergency powers inconsistent with state health department regulations;

Earlier this year, for example, North Dakota passed bill making it illegal for state officials to force citizens to wear masks – just one of a growing number of states to impose restrictions in mask orders. In March, the Kansas legislature passed legislation that took away the governor’s ability to close businesses during a public health emergency.

So far, more than 40 states have passed that law it is done in accordance with the law for health departments to prescribe COVID-19 vaccination.

The report concludes that opposition to “reasonable” public health measures poses serious risks to life and health.

“Legislation to stop expert public health agencies from guiding the response to health emergencies creates unexpected, serious risks to life and health,” he said. the report says.

“These laws may make it even more difficult to improve health equity during a pandemic that does not equally make Black, Hispanic and Latino, and Native Americans sick and killed.”

The report does not mention, however, the unintended consequences of actions taken by public health agencies across the country in 2020. The collateral damage of lockdowns includes business closures, unemployment, supply disruption, mass protests, upsurge flaw, added mental health problems, no cure event overdose, ug breakdown to diagnose cancer.- READ MORE

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