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3 Texas House Democrats Test Positive for COVID -19 After DC Escape – Three of the Texas Democrats who flew to Washington this week to thwart efforts to pass the election reform law were positive on COVID-19. – READ MORE

Harris visited Walter Reed for a ‘routine’ doctor’s appointment days after meeting with infected Texas Democrats – Vice President Kamala Harris will go for what a White House official told Fox News a “routine doctor’s appointment” at Walter Reed Medical Center on Sunday.

The visit to the Bethesda, Maryland, hospital comes after he met with Texas Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday. Three of the Democrats tested positive for the coronavirus, with one testing positive Friday night and two more Saturday morning. – READ MORE

White House Admits ‘We Flag Problems as Problematic for Facebook Spreading Information) – White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted Thursday that the Biden administration was “flagging Facebook problems.”

Psaki outlined how the administration worked with social media companies to stop the spread of misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic during a news conference. – READ MORE

Starts on Social Media Platforms: ‘They Kill People’ – President Joe Biden said social media platforms are more harmful than good.

A reporter asked Biden on Friday, “What’s your message on platforms like Facebook?” – READ MORE

Surgeon General: Facebook’s efforts to combat COVID misinformation ‘not enough’ –The Biden administration continues to battle the public on Facebook over whether the social media giant deserves to respond to misinformation about coronavirus disease, along with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy claiming that Facebook’s measures are not enough.

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Murthy said that “bad information is still spreading” and that social media platforms need to do more to stop it. Facebook, meanwhile, says they have already taken action on all eight of Murthy’s recommendations for what social media companies can do. – READ MORE

VA Documents Reveal Hundreds of Veterans Experiencing ‘Serious Reactions’ to Vaccines – Hundreds of veterans have experienced “severe” adverse reactions to coronavirus vaccines in China, including heart arrest, stroke, and lung embolisms, as revealed by documents obtained by Judicial Watch by request of April 14, 2021, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The government watchdog requested the information on April 14. The documents contain a section on poor reporting of the incident, in which 24,585 cases were reported as “not serious” and 895 cases as “serious.” Serious events included 20 cases of cardiac arrest – all of which occurred in individuals who received one of two mRNA shots – as well as 36 cases of cerebrovascular accidents (strokes), 15 cases of deep vein thrombosis, 10 cases of heart attack, and 19 cases of pulmonary embolism. – READ MORE

Parents Take DC About Permitting Vaccination of Children Without Parental Consent – Four parents filed a lawsuit against the District of Columbia on Monday, alleging that recently enacted law deprived parents of their constitutional rights and endangered the safety of children by allowing minors 11 years of age is the age to be vaccinated without their parent’s consent or knowledge. – READ MORE

British ministers decide against mass vaccination for teenagers – Britain has opted for the COVID-19 contraindication vaccine for all children and adolescents, with ministers instead preparing to give doses to vulnerable 12 to 15-year-olds and those almost 18, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Saturday.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) is believed to be advising ministers against launching vaccines in all children until more evidence of the risks is available, the report added. – READ MORE

LA County Sheriff Says He Won’t Enforce New Indoor Masks Order – Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced Friday that he will not enforce a new internal security order set to be repatriated to the nation’s most populous county amid the CCP virus pandemic. – READ MORE

French Business Owners Face Jail, € 45k Fines for Failure to Check Vax Passports-French businesses that fail to check people for vaccine passports, the so-called “health pass”, could face a fine of up to € 45,000 and a year in prison under the proposed new French law.

President Emmanuel Macron announced the draft law on Monday, raising the need to pass health care to various businesses, including restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, trains, and air travel, from August. – READ MORE

#Bidenflation: Gas Costs, Used Cars High 45%, Car Rentals 88% – Nearly all Americans expect inflation under Joe Biden to worsen, even if the cost of gas and used cars rises to 45 percent, and bacon rises to 8.4 percent, Washington reports Examiner on Thursday.

“The hashtag #Bidenflation is in vogue right now,” writes Washington Secrets columnist Paul Bedard, citing a new survey from Skynova, an online invoicing firm that found 88 percent of people in The United States believes that current price increases are “here to stay and continue to grow.” READ MORE

As Workers Stay Home and Gather Unemployed Handouts, Companies Are Replacing Their Jobs with Machines – As the U.S. economy recovers from COVID-19 and the slowdown in the lockdown, employers are hit by severe job shortages.

Under President Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the federal government provides funding for $ 300-per-week improved unemployment compensation. Even if American businesses sought to hire workers once the lockdowns ended, nearly 1.8 million chose to stay home and continue to receive handouts. Some have even filed lawsuits against their governors, who opted for the federal program for boosting small business activity. – READ MORE

Happiness: Poll Shows More Than 7 Million Americans Ignored Jobs Likely Due to UI Benefits – Numerous unemployment benefits in the United States are likely to prevent more than seven million people from accepting a job offer, according to data from a recent Morning Consult poll.

In the week before the polls, in the week ended June 19, there were 14.1 million adults receiving unemployment benefits, which is the most recent estimated total to receive from the same state and federal program. – READ MORE

America Shortly Has One Million Workers To Make – According to one trade organization, the U.S. housing market needs up to a million new construction workers.

Associated Builders and Contractors – a trade association representing the non -union construction sector – stated that the shortage of housing supply was accompanied by a distorted labor market for construction workers – READ MORE

With $ 6 Trillion COVID Relief, Government Could Give Every Tax $ 41,000 – The federal government will spend enough on the COVID-19 stimulus to give every American taxpayer $ 41,000.

Like COVID-19 and the lockdown-induced recession that created unemployment and public health challenges, the federal government has approved several omnibus packages that drive the economy. These include the $ 2.2 trillion CARES Act, passed in March 2020; the $ 2.3 trillion HR 133, passed in December 2020; and the $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, passed in March 2021. – READ MORE

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