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Los Angeles County reiterates the necessary content – Los Angeles County has revived a requirement that masks be worn indoors, regardless of the vaccination status, health officials said Thursday.

The requirement will take effect at 11:59 pm on July 17. Some exceptions may apply. – READ MORE

CDC Urges Vaccination to ‘Help’ Without Vaccines: ‘Get Their Vaccination’ –The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging vaccinated Americans to “help” uninformed friends and family members with questions about the vaccine, urging them to address “ misinformation “and finally called on them to identify the root of their concerns and” help make their vaccination happen. “

“The amount of information – and misinformation – about the # # COVID19 vaccine can be overwhelming. Help friends and family with questions about vaccines by listening to their concerns without judgment. and identify the root of their concerns, ”the CDC said in a tweet Wednesday, along with a guide on how these discussions with loved ones- READ MORE

Poll: 23% of Vaccines Say They Have Experienced ‘Negative Reactions’ to the Vaccine –Nearly a quarter of those vaccinated for Chinese coronavirus say they have experienced “negative reactions” to the vaccine, and 18 percent say they will not get the vaccine, according to a poll. from The Economist / YouGov.

While the survey found the majority, 59 percent, indicated that they were fully vaccinated for the coronavirus in China, 18 percent said they would “not” be vaccinated, and 11 percent expressed uncertainty. Of those vaccinated, 23 percent experienced “negative reactions,” and 3 percent said they were unsure. Seventy-four percent, however, say they haven’t. – READ MORE

8 Positively Strengthened Health Care Workers Positive for CCP Virus in Las Vegas: Report – Eight fully vaccinated health care workers tested positive for COVID-19 in June after attending a party in Las Vegas, according to a report. – READ MORE

Clarence Thomas rejects appeal to stop mandated federal mask on public transportation – Supreme Court Clarence Thomas rejected an appeal Tuesday to remove the mandated federal mask for public transportation, reports agree.

The requested emergency was brought by a man who said a general anxiety disorder prevented him from wearing a mask and he could not board a flight leaving Orlando, Florida, last month, reports the Washington Examiner. – READ MORE

Biden Administration Urges Social Media Companies to Fight COVID -19 ‘Misunderstanding’ – The U.S. surgeon general has called on Big Tech to crack down on so-called COVID-19 misinformation, in a report released the same day the White House acknowledged it was posting posts for Facebook. – READ MORE

Biden Administration Claims To Have ‘Several Months Of Rapid Rise’ –The Biden administration admitted on Thursday that there have been “several months” of principal inflation rises because most Americans are worried about price increases.

“We’ve had several months of rapid price increases,” said Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. “That’s why I’m not saying it’s a strange month. But I think in the medium term, we’ll see inflation drop back to normal levels. But, of course, we have to watch it.” READ MORE

Formerly a Welfare Reformer, Now Moves IRS Into Largest Welfare Agency – When Strike Clinton’s proposal for welfare change was halted in Congress in the summer of 1996, Democratic Senator Joe Biden went on to push for a more aggressive bill that would provide more. allowing Republicans. She boasted that her bill would be “hard on mothers of welfare.”

“It’s time to pass a welfare reform bill,” Biden said, citing his research that benefit recipients will work part time and they will start dole after five years. – READ MORE

Watchdog: FBI big wrong case in Nassar-USA Gymnastics-The FBI has made several serious mistakes in investigating allegations of sexual abuse of women against former USA Gymnastics national team doctor Larry Nassar and did not treat the case with “extra seriousness,” the Justice Department’s inspector general said Wednesday. The FBI recognizes the behavior as “unforgivable and evil” by America’s leading law enforcement agency.

The long -awaited guard report raises serious questions about how the department and the FBI handled the case and it pointed out serious wrongdoing by the FBI between the time the allegations were first reported and the arrest of Nassar. – READ MORE

Natural infection may offer better protection against the Delta species, Israel’s Ministry of Health said – In recent weeks, the Israeli media has become a factory for stories contradicting the ‘official’ “scientific” narrative about the COVID-19 vaccines. Most notably, Israel has negotiated with Pfizer to start running “booster” shots for the most vulnerable Israelis, even though the FDA insists there is no “evidence” that booster shots are necessary.

Now, the Israeli Ministry of Health has discovered that the number of patients infected before being re-infected in the most recent Delta-driven pandemic wave is less detectable than the number of patients who have been vaccinated. only. The findings directly contradict research that has been put forward by American experts such as Drs. Fauci, along with Pfizer and Moderna, have previously insisted that the antibodies produced by their jabs are stronger than antibodies produced by natural infection (which is one reason even previously infected have been asked to be vaccinated). – READ MORE

The Right to Be Alone: ​​What to Do When COVID Strike Force Teams Knock – A COVID-19 vaccine strike force can knock on your door, especially if you live in a community with a low vaccination price. Will you let them in?

More to the point, do you have to open the door?

The Biden Administration has announced that it plans to send a federal “surge response team” on a “targeted house-to-house community outreach” to communities with low vaccination rates to improve safety and access to vaccines in COVID-19. – READ MORE

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