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Johnson said the bans were to be light, the UK had to live with the virus – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Monday that his government plans to scrap laws requiring face masks and social isolation by the end of this month, even if he acknowledges that taking the bans will push the survey coronavirus case even higher.

Johnson said legal controls will be replaced by “personal responsibility” if the country moves to the final stages of its lockdown-lifting roadmap. That is set to happen on July 19, though Johnson says a final decision will come on July 12. – READ MORE

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Says It Will Take A ‘Disaster’ For Unvaccinated Americans To Get Vaccinated – Governor Jim Justice (R-WV) recently said it would take a “disaster” for those who have hitherto refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine to change their mind and be vaccinated.

In an interview with ABC’s “This Week”, Justice discussed the vaccination level in his state, saying it’s hard to encourage young people to get vaccinated. – READ MORE

A Review of COVID -19 Deaths in Two California Counties Drops T total by nearly 25% – Two California counties reviewed each COVID-19 death, refining the method of classifying the cause of death. Santa Clara and Alameda County screened those patients who died due to progression of COVID-19 disease and those who tested positive at the time of death but were not symptomatic. This exercise reduced the number of COVID-19 deaths in both counties by almost 25%.

Early in the pandemic, questioning the death toll of COVID-19 was dubbed a conspiracy theory by corporate media. This position is always irrelevant in line with the more broad criteria set by the National Center for Health Statistics for counting a COVID-19 death. The ability to anticipate COVID-19 and place it as a cause of death in an era of bad financial incentives for hospitals invited an increase in the death toll. Medicare fees have been increased for COVID-19 patients, and private insurers are fully covered by the cost. These policies prevent the loss of unpaid co-pay and co-insurance to patients and additional payments to government programs. – READ MORE

The U.S. Should Learn From CCP Authority, Says Billionaire Investor Charlie Munger – U.S. billionaire investor Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, praised China’s communist regime for silencing Alibaba founder Jack Ma. – READ MORE

Billionaire Warren Buffett Predicts New Pandemic Worse Than COVID-19- American billionaire Warren Buffett, known as the ‘Oracle of Omaha’, is sure that in the future there will come a new pandemic that will be even more severe than COVID-19, because even the lessons left to us in this experience, not ready to face it either.

This week, on CNBC’s show ‘Buffett & Munger: A Wealth of Wisdom’, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway predicted that “there will be another pandemic.” – READ MORE

Revealed: Elon Musk, Tesla Go Full Shill for Communists on Chinese Social Media Site Weibo – Billionaire businessman Elon Musk and his electric car company Tesla shared the Chinese Communist Party’s full praise of the Chinese equivalent on Twitter, Breitbart News can reveal.

The verified accounts for Elon Musk and Chinese Tesla’s top representatives on China’s micro-blogging site Weibo are all adorned with their own histories celebrating Chinese one hundred years anniversary Communist Party (CCP) – READ MORE

“Troubled Inside Inside” Next? Comcast Suspends User Internet Service For Downloading Copyrighted Material – After Comcast suspended a user’s Internet access for downloading copyrighted material, some people questioned whether soon the same penalties could be imposed for access to ‘disturbing content’.

A Comcast Xfinity subscriber was informed that his Internet service was suspended for 8 hours due to downloading streams and it would not be restored until he contacted the company. – READ MORE

Ene. 6 Detainees Detained for 23 Hours a Day, Lawyers Say – The dozen detained in federal prison awaiting trial after the Jan. 6 violation at the U.S. Capitol building have been subjected to solitary confinement, lack of necessary medical care, and restricted access to attorneys. defense, according to both attorney and father of one defendant. – READ MORE

Deprogramming Begins: Public Defender Represents Jan. 6 Defendants Who Are “Still Teaching” Them – A public defender named H. Heather Shaner, we were assured by Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post, had no choice but to defend the “attackers” on Jan. 6 because “who can’t afford their own attorneys, as guaranteed by The U.S. Constitution and as provided in the Criminal Justice Act. ”

But he also takes the opportunity to re-educate his clients, so that they are no longer discriminated against. – READ MORE

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