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England’s ‘Independence Day’ Created by Unity Turmoil and Warnings of Deficiency – Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “independence day” that ended more than a year of COVID-19 bans in England was marred on Monday by warnings of supermarket shortages and his own forced isolation. – READ MORE

England requires proof of vaccination for clubs, mass activities – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that English nightclubs and other places with large crowds would need patrons to show up for full vaccination from the end of September.

Clubbers packed on Monday the first live music events without bans since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The government has also opened nightclubs and dropped almost all coronavirus measures in England on a bet that mass vaccinations could prevent another deadly wave of COVID-19.- READ MORE

North Carolina County Begins Door-to-Door Offer of COVID-19 Vaccines- A North Carolina county has begun a campaign to bring COVID-19 vaccines to people in their homes.

Mecklenburg County called the effort a “dose at the doors.” – READ MORE

Fauci supported the medical group’s call to cover children aged 3-years and above in school: ‘Reasonable thing to do’ Dr. argues. Anthony Fauci on Monday that the decision by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to recommend all children ages 3 and older wear a mask if schools also reopen regardless of the vaccination status is a “reasonable thing to do.”

Showing on CNN’s “At This Hour,” Fauci said that because there is a “significant proportion of the population” that is yet to be completed, he knows why the organization would decide. – READ MORE

Number of ‘Fleebagger’ Texas Democrats with Coronavirus Climbs to Five – Five members of a group of Democrats from the Texas House of Representatives who fled to Washington, DC, to block the chamber of a quorum to pass Republican -backed voting laws last week reportedly contracted by coronavirus.

The group of “fleebaggers,” as they are known to die, celebrated the establishment of the DC media and were welcomed by Vice President Kamala Harris, also traveling in a private chartered jet, posing without ‘ y mask with us aka beer. – READ MORE

Five Million Dollar Bust: Vaccine Lottery Sees 68% Decline in Jab – Colorado’s weekly vaccination count fell more than two-thirds between the start and end of the state’s vaccination lottery, following almost the same path set in the weeks before Governor Jared Polis announced the $ 1 million drawings.

He added: “In the week ended July 4 – the last with data on the state’s vaccine dashboard – only about 49,000 people got it.” – READ MORE

Judge refuses to block Indiana University’s COVID -19 Vaccine Mandate – A federal judge denied a request to block Indiana University’s (IU) COVID-19 vaccine mandate after a group of students sued the school, claiming it was unconstitutional to require inoculation. – READ MORE

Who is the COVID-19 Misinformation ‘Dirty Dozen’ IF YOU WANT TO BE SILENT? – On July 15, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed the fact that the White House flagged COVID-19 as misinformation for Facebook. He went on to dig himself a hole on Friday, discussing how the administration interacts with social media companies and arguing that they need to work on platforms to ensure companies coordinate banning social media. mogamit. He admitted that 12 individuals were responsible for 65% of the incorrect vaccine information on Facebook. – READ MORE

Coronavirus antibodies persist for at least nine months after infection: study – A study in northern Italy found coronavirus antibodies to persist at noticeable levels for at least nine months after infection, regardless of a symptomatic or asymptomatic course of the disease, although the outcomes vary. depending on the test used.

Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Padua published findings on Environmental Communication on Monday, based on a study in Vo ’, Italy, where a mass testing campaign saw 86% (2,602 people) in the community tested in February / March and May 2020, about 6% of those tested positive and were also tested in November. – READ MORE

As the Shepherd and Treasury Spend $ 1.2BN Per Hourly Biden Says Invoices are “Temporary”, Respects the Fed’s “Freedom” – There’s a surprising statistic in the latest Flow Show report from Michael Hartnett at BofA: according to the CIO’s calculation, “the Fed spends $ 336 million every 60 minutes buying bonds, while the federal government that the U.S. is spending $ 875 million per hour this year ”, a staggering amount made possible only by the current merger between the Fed and Treasury that started not only helicopter money but its socialist offshoot, the MMT. This is also what many monetarists have said in support of the recent rise in inflation, as Milton Friedman says at best, “inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.”

Unlike president Joe BIden, however, anyone on Monday said he believed the surge in U.S. inflation was temporary and he told Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell that he respected the independence of the central bank. But he also stressed that he would not interfere in the procedures of the central bank: – READ MORE

Pinkerton: What Inflation Did and What to Do About It – from One Man Who Lived Through Extreme Inflation in the 1970s – For much of Biden’s leadership, economic experts approved by Main Stream Media have no worries about inflation.

Even with rising prices – gasoline, for example, jumped nearly 20 percent in the first two months of Biden’s presidency – the public was advised to calm down. – READ MORE

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