Nurses are urged to watch for further mitigation of Covid-19 restrictions

The nurses warned the government against taking an “unexplained leap of freedom” from coronavirus bans, amid concerns that a third round of cases could be ahead.

The number of new Covid-19 cases across the UK has already surpassed 3,000 for the seventh day in a row and is up 32% from last week, according to latest figures released today by the government.

“Taking the right steps now will prevent it from becoming a wave of risky recovery that we are all working so hard to deliver”

Pat Cullen

The last time count of cases at that level began in mid-April.

However, the overall number remained relatively short compared to before the pandemic and before the vaccination program.

The UK has now not recorded a new Covid-19 death for the first time since the crisis began. As of May 27, there were 870 people in the hospital with the virus compared to 8,220 on the same day in 2020.

The increase in cases is believed to be driven by the new B.1.617.2 separate concern first identified in India, which is now called the Delta variant by the World Health Organization.

The impact of the Delta race has now caused Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon to slow down his plans for easing the lockdown across the country.

Under the roadmap for England, the proposal for all social bans will be available on 21 June.

However, an informal poll was conducted by Watch Hours on social media it is now suggested that most nurses believe it should be delayed.

Consistent with the current situation in their workplaces, 66% of nurses who responded to the poll at the time of writing said June 21 was too early for the bans to drop. An additional 11% were unsure and only 23% believed the plan should go ahead.

The Royal College of Nursing also spoke today to encourage.

RCN secretary general and chief executive Pat Cullen said:

“We have already seen Covid-19 cases on the rise in some areas and ministers now need to keep an eye on the data and not the dates to prevent it.

“Taking the right steps now will prevent it from becoming a wave of risky recovery that we are all working so hard to deliver.”

It is understood that a final decision on whether to lift the bans in England on 21 June will come on 14 June.

Environmental secretary George Eustice spoke on BBC the government cannot rule out a delay in the roadmap without restrictions.

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