New debate about wearing a mask for children

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Is history also repeating itself about opening up among a new race?

Think for a moment that the year is 2022 and Dominic Cummings gives evidence to MPs about controversial events nine months ago A new variant of Covid was picked up in Britain last month that rained in May 2021 .The number of cases increased, but those who were hospitalized and died did not. Scientists urged Boris Johnson to play it hard and add restrictions, businesses shouting for a normal return. For Mr Cummings ’2022 version, the right decision no doubt focused on Mr. Cummings’ face. Very simple! Very clear! Except that May 2021 is where we are all right now, and the right way forward is never obvious. Open, and death may rise, costing lives that can be saved. Delay “freedom day” and businesses can go to the wall unnecessarily. After deciding Mr. Johnson will know if it is right for him. That’s exactly where he was in September of last year. Mr. Cummings’ description on Wednesday of a Prime Minister who turned his back on reason, choosing to be “hit and hopeful” rather than follow unconfirmed evidence, a form of revisionism, is in line with those who lived during the end times Government hot week. Then, as of now, it was never clear how the virus would go. Then, as now, conflicting predictions and advice come to the Prime Minister’s table. But in the past, unlike now, it was unclear when or if a vaccine would be available, and in what quantity. Someone is going to be right and someone is going to be wrong, but, importantly, they don’t know they’re right, because they guess, a point that Mr. Cummings missed when he accused Mr. Johnson. unfit for duty.

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