Why Did George Soros and Bill Gates Buy the UK COVID Testing Company?

A consortium of investors led by the Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation buys UK -based COVID testing company, Mologic, which produced a 10 -minute coronavirus test – and is better known as the deep -nostril swab test for virus.

Agreed to Forbes, quoted a press release on Monday, The purchase was made to increase access to “affordable latest medical technology” through a rapid ‘lateral flow’ test., which offers an early screening watch for Covid -19, as negative tests are especially necessary to return to ‘normal life’ – along with a vaccine passport of course.

The Gates-Soros partnership is part of a new initiative, Global Access Health (GAH), which will invest “At least” $ 41 million in the deal, according to the statement. The transaction will feature a buyout of all stakeholders in Mologic – including investments held by Foresight Group LLP and Calculus Capital.

Soros and Gates are part of a billionaire community looking to direct their efforts for the so-called global southern, focusing on the regions of Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania where many remain while the more wealthy West accelerates. its program of vaccination, testing and biosecure bubbles in the coming years. Sean Hinton, the CEO of the Soros fund, said in a statement that the pandemic “painfully demonstrated the standard inequality” of global public health, adding that this “extraordinary transaction” brought philanthropic funds and investors to provide solutions.

Roxana Bonnell, a public health expert from Soros ’Open Society Foundation, who claims to be the largest private human rights advocate and social justice advocacy group, said, access to testing is absolutely necessary when it comes to getting into the spread of infectious disease – an issue that ultimately affects us all.“-Forbes

Founded in 2003 by father -son team Mark Davis (CEO) and father Paul (Chief Science Officer), Mologic has worked with Gates ’philanthropic arm in the past – establishing the Center for Advanced Rapid Diagnostics (CARD). in 2016 with the support of the Gates Foundation. Paul Davis is also known for inventing the Clearblue pregnancy test in 1988 – the world’s first application of lateral flow technology according to the company.

This isn’t the first time Gates and Soros have ‘collaborated’. In 2015, a think tank funded by Jeffrey Epstein, the International Peace Institute, hosted the “Preparing for Pandemics” conference in Geneva – with senior officials from the Gates Foundation, Open Society, WHO, CDC, Red Cross and Pasteur Institute in attendance.

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