U.S. troops die for World Domination, Not Freedom

Vice President Kamala Harris spends the weekend under the fire from Republicans, which of course means that Kamala Harris spent the weekend being criticized for being more stupid, there’s no reason you can criticize Kamala Harris.

Apparently the future president tweet “Enjoy the long weekend,” a reference to Monday’s public holiday, instead of slowing down about fallen troops and sacrifices.

So, that’s the whole story. That’s stupid, not causing one’s offense most of you people the single most corrupt and deadly government in the world is the whole point for headlines from conservative media outlets such as it:

Harris, the born politician, quickly straightened out the course.

“Throughout history our service to men and women has put everyone at risk to protect our freedoms and our country,” the reasoning said. tweet. “As we prepare to honor them on Memorial Day, we remember their service and their sacrifice.”

Which is of course complete nonsense. Generations since then any member of the U.S. military can be said to have served or sacrificed to defend America or its freedoms, and that has been the reason for almost its entire history. If you are reading this it is not statistically possible that you are at the age where any U.S. military personnel die for any reason other than corporate income and world domination, and if you are sure you are not good enough the age to have mature minds. about it in time.

Whenever you criticize the U.S. war machine online to be heard by anyone enough to spread, you always talk about World War II and how we all speak German or Japanese without the brave. man who died for our freedom. This is my point for me: the fact that those who apologize for U.S. imperialism have always had to reach all the way through history to the pinnacle of living memory in order to find even one example that the American military has used for for purposes not maliciously proving. that it is indeed evil.

But it’s a major reason so many historical films and documentaries have been made about World War II: it’s an opportunity to portray U.S. soldiers bravely fighting and dying for a noble cause. that there is no need to transfer the fact of the unknown. The other main reason is that the focus on World War II allowed members of the U.S. empire to escape the time when Big Bad Guy on the world stage was still a human being.

From the end of World War II until the fall of the USSR, the US military was used to break the spread of communism and secure geostrategic interests until the final engineering end of the collapse of the Soviet Union. After it was fulfilled in 1991, official U.S. policy was officially shifted to preserve a unipolar world order by preventing the rise of any other superpower that could rival its power.

A 1992’s article The New York Times entitled “U.S. Plan Calls For Ensuring Rivals Do Not Act“, Reporting a leaked document describing a policy known as Wolfowitz Doctrine after Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Paul Wolfowitz, reads as follows:

In an extensive new policy statement that is in the final drafting stage, the Department of Defense stated that America’s political and military mission during the post-war cold period will ensure that no one is allowed to rival superpower that would emerge in Western Europe, Asia or the territory of the former Soviet Union.

A 46-page document circulating at the Pentagon’s top level for several weeks, and which is expected to be released by Defense Secretary Dick Cheney later this month, says part of the mission is America is “able to convince potential competitors that they don’t have to aspire. in a larger role or pursuing a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests. ”

The classified document makes the case for a world dominated by a superpower whose position can be maintained through good morals and sufficient military power to prevent any country or group of countries from challenging first in America.

These are all U.S. troops fighting and dying because of the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Not “freedom”, not “democracy”, and certainly not the American people. Continue to struggle to manage the planet at all costs: control resources, trade routes, oceans, air, and people, no matter how many lives must be put at risk and extinguished to recover. it. The US has killed millions and lost ten million ever since the advent of this century in the futile pursuit of that purpose.

And, as Smedley Butler wrote 86 years ago he is still in the book related War is a Racket, U.S. military personnel are waiting for revenue. Nothing gets into the gears of the war -like industry, and nothing better than creating chaotic wild neighborhood environments. shock and confusion at a time when much wealth and power can be obtained. The profiteers of the war poured in many sources lobbying, think tanks and campaign donations maneuvering and bribes makes decision -making policies that promote war and military expansion, with astonishing success. It’s all totally legal.

It is important to spread awareness that this is the only thing U.S. troops aspire to, because the story they bear witness to for freedom and for their countrymen is a major propaganda narrative used in military recruitment. While poor plays an important role to drive enrollments as predatory recruiters target the poor and middle class youth promising them a future in the country that has the worst income inequality in the industrialized world, the fact that aggressively spreading the glory of military “service” has made it a more respectable career path than working in a restaurant or a grocery store means that people are more likely to register.

Without all the propaganda that deceives people into believing that military work is a virtuous thing, military service is the most shameful job anyone can have; other stigmatized jobs such as sex work are considered more noble. You’re less likely to worry about telling your relative at Christmas that you’re a caretaker of a seedy massage parlor than you are to enlist in the U.S. military, because instead of congratulating and praising you, your Uncle Murray will look at you. and say, “So you kill children for crude?”

And that’s exactly how it deserves it. Continuing to perpetuate the lie that U.S. troops fought and died for a good cause is to help ensure a steady supply of teenagers who can eat the machine tools of the empire’s war. Stop lying that the war machine deserves to be killed and killed. Not out of disrespect for the dead, but out of respect for the living.

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