The System Does Not Exist to Protect Us From Criminals, It Is to Protect Us from Criminals

Iraq war architect Donald Rumsfeld died. Not in a prison cell in The Hague, not killed by bombs or bullets, but peaceful in his home, surrounded by loved ones, a week and a half shy of his 89th dawn.

The imperial media paid the king’s tribute to their fallen master, with headlines describing the criminal psychopathic war as “a cunning leader“,”a man of honor and conviction“, Or simply as”Former secretary of defense at the helm of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan“.

the cancerous Washington Post, who the other day mocked the life of late antiwar hero Mike Gravel with an obituary marking him as “senator gadfly from alaska with theatrical talent, “Child killer Rumsfeld is described as”influential but controversial Bush defense secretary”In its title about his death.

The New York Times not very good. Take the title “Mike Gravel, Unconventional Two Term Senator in Alaska, Dies at age 91 – He made headlines by fighting for an oil pipeline and reading aloud the Pentagon Papers. After 25 years years of absence from darkness, this time he also came up with a quixotic leadership campaign. ”Compare this to the title “Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense During the Iraq War, Dies at Age 88 – Mr. Rumsfeld, who served four presidents, led a war that many said should never have been fought. But he said the ouster of Saddam Hussein ‘has created a more stable and secure world.’ ”

There is criticism too, of course; online sentiments about Rumsfeld’s death aren’t as worshipful and geographical as they go to other ugly war whores like John McCain. But in the end all that mattered was that he lived a long, full life, without facing even the slightest consequence of the horrors he had revealed to the world; without even sustaining any significant damage to his reputation.

Despite the fact that it became public information for many years that Rumsfeld began to orchestrate the unforgivable invasion of Iraq during the time of the 9/11 attacks and told many lies to put that attack into action. He also oversaw intervention in Afghanistan where he and his Bush administration cooperated already planned ago 9/11, which began a decade of work in which the public has done widely lied to from the beginning of U.S. officials in general and in particular Rumsfeld. (But remember kids, only crazy conspiracy theories are asking the official account of 9/11.)

When we were little, we were taught that we lived in a country with a law, where bad people were thrown into prison by good people who were in charge of things. Because our mental program continues the rest of our lives in the form of propaganda to the masses designed to make room for the status quo, most of us have the tendency to continue this child model world to some degree into full adulthood.

In fact, exactly one percent of the world’s worst people are incarcerated, but some of the worst people are. The fact that Donald Rumsfeld lived a long life with freedom while Julian Assange was wasted in Belmarsh Prison proves that the world will not work the way we are taught in school. The worst bad people not put in prison by the good people who run things, because the worst of the wicked are the ones who run things.

The system is not designed to protect us from the worst in society, it is designed to protect the worst in society from us. It’s designed to keep the industry spinning without looking around and noticing that we’re all crazy ass by an alliance of plutocrats and state security insiders who only care about power and money. It was designed to keep us busy and deployed to use the power of our numbers to get back what the bastards had stolen from us, and to make sure they had enough guns on their side to kill us all if we tried.

Donald Rumsfeld is all the worst things in our world. He completely embodies the rotten, bloodthirsty, ecocidal, omnicidal, oppressive, exploitative, deceptive state of affairs that is driving mankind to extinction. The US -centralized empire is Donald Rumsfeld. It may also have his face and his name.

Don’t be fooled by his passing: Donald Rumsfeld is dead, but he’s as alive as ever. He continues to perpetuate the violence he helped start in the Middle East. With death and destruction inflicted on the US and its allies in the name of preserving a unipolar world order that none of us have demanded. To the death weaving of starving children under the imperial blockades of Yemen and Venezuela. With thousands of U.S. military bases circling our planet like a noose. On warships and missiles traveling to China in preparation for a long -awaited confrontation which should scare us all.

Unless all the inside of us is cleansed from our cells like Donald Rumsfeld, there is no future for Homo sapiens on this planet. We need to change above all that he stands for, as individuals, as a society, and as a class, and maintain a peaceful and cooperative relationship with each other and with our ecosystem.

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