The Dutch ‘end lockdown’ is like the lightening of Covid’s steps

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The Netherlands has also opened indoor restaurants, museums and cinemas in a major easing of coronavirus bans that Prime Minister Mark Rutte said marked the “end of the lockdown”.

The easing of COVID’s most stringent measures in the Netherlands since the start of the pandemic will take place on June 5, four days earlier than planned, as more cases have dropped and vaccinations have risen.

“The reduction that took effect on June 5 effectively marks the end of the lockdown,” Rutte said in a news conference.

“We’re making a calculated risk, if next week the sky will fall and the numbers will also go up after we have a new situation. But according to the outbreak management team that’s not possible.”

The Dutch government has already allowed cafes to serve outdoors and ended the controversial curfew in April, while it was allowed and zoos to be reused earlier this month.

Restaurants are already allowed to serve indoors, and all catering outlets will be able to serve guests until 10 p.m., Rutte said.

However they are not allowed to show Euro 2020 football matches on the big screens, he said.

Museums are allowed to open with one visitor per square meter, and cinemas and theaters can be opened with a maximum of 50 visitors. Most venues with more than 1,000 seats can hold 250 guests.

It is still the same may be allowed if visitors are tested for the coronavirus, as happened at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in May.

The opening happened much earlier than planned to provide more weekends for restaurants and the cultural sector, according to Rutte.

“We believe that such a weekend will end up being closed for a long time. People, like me, are looking forward to the concerts, eating out. . “

The Netherlands recorded 25,255 new coronavirus infections in the week to Tuesday, down 28 percent. It has 1.63 million cases in total and 17,566 deaths since the start of the pandemic disease.

The Dutch government said it was too early to start ending the lockdown

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