Tax authorities respond to developments in changes caused by the coronavirus epidemic

Tax authorities were quick to respond to the challenges posed by the coronavirus epidemic, two-thirds buying or renting IT equipment for their teleworkers and changing work processes, and some tax audits that are not translated into a digital environment, for example. Deloitte reports based on a survey conducted by the OECD Tax Administration Forum with tax authorities in more than 30 countries, including Hungary

The survey found that at least half of the countries surveyed need to change their laws or internal regulations.

Tax authorities had already moved some of their processes online before the epidemic, replacing personal and digital devices with virtual or digital devices during the epidemic. an important part of their paper -based communication. However, almost half of them considered their existing digital channels during the outbreak sufficient to cope with the increase in online communication, while the other half considered it necessary to further improve the tools of the digital or introduce new channels.

one-third of the tax authorities have continued to run fully, and only a few components of the other two-thirds have continued their work without interruption. Area tax audits have been suspended or significantly reduced by three-quarters of the tax authorities.

According to the survey, nearly two-thirds of the tax authorities surveyed have already begun reviewing their previous method of digitization. Three-quarters of them plan to pursue digital tax audits instead of or in addition to area tax audits. Most of them have shown that they are planning additional enhancements to further increase the efficiency, security and robustness of their IT systems.


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