Questions Revolving After Mysterious Drowning Death of 41 -Year -Old Bitcoin Billionaire

A Romanian bitcoin billionaire who died suddenly at the age of 41 leaves more questions than answers – mainly among them; where is the money

41-year-old Mircea Popescu, a say man and an early adopter of Bitcoin, left an estimated $ 2 billion in bitcoin after it was reported drowned off the coast of Costa Rica near Playa Hermosa, according to local news reports, that he was “swept away by the flood and died instantly.”

And while his death was confirmed by three women reportedly close to him, some suggested he could have faked his own death.

Agreed to Daily Mail, rumors were circulating that Popescu’s family had no access to his digital assets – which, as crypto analyst Alexander Marder in Crypto Briefing letters, could mean that tens of thousands of Bitcoins are ‘out of the market.’

Other Bitcoin watchers have similarly suggested that the reported $ 2 billion of bitcoin could be lost forever.

“As with the deaths of Mircea Popescu and John McAfee a significant amount of $ BTC could be lost forever. RIP,” Marder tweeted (even if McAfee claimed broken as he was about to die).

Popescu is known for his eloquence and rhetoric – which is why he has been harassed by critics as the ‘father of Bitcoin poisoning.’

“Bitcoin is destiny. It operates completely outside of any human agency. For all you know [bitcoin creator Satoshi] Interestingly, bitcoin can also be self -generating, ”he said in a post.

“Bitcoin can kill all your friends, and all the people you respect… It can make your pets drink and rape… When lightning strikes your seat, you feel a warm comfort love or even more hate hate to think strictly. no matter – electricity stays on, ”he said in another.

One of the earliest and most ambitious technology traders, Popescu is known for launching MPEx, a self -styled “Bitcoin securities exchange.” Founded in 2012, the website was once an early venue for early Bitcoin IPOs, a practice that angered him by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, an agency he took over power. there is no lack of joy in apparent ruin.

From there, Popescu gained fame because he was one of the first to fight scams in public, this time growing up as a prominent critic of Ripple (the company that launched XRP) as well as Bitcoin Savings & Trust, which in later revealed to be a pyramid scheme. –Bitcoin Magazine

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