Multiple Geomagnetic Storm Hitting the Earth Today Could Cause Power Grid and Satellite Damages

Forecasters on Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) warns of a solar flare coming to Earth Today, which could potentially affect power grids and could bring bright Northern Lights to northern latitudes.

SWPC issues a “G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storm monitoring” for Monday and Tuesday. The storm can be geomagnetic affecting power grids especially at poleward 55 degree Geomagnetic Latitude. “Orientation irregularities” in the satellite may occur; further drag on lower Earth-orbit satellites is possible, as it were, and added, “strong radio scattering may be lost at much higher latitudes.”

As fears of higher latitude disruption on ground-based power grids increased over the next 48 hours, this space-time activity could electrify the night sky and produce strange auroras. “as far south as New York as well as the north of England and Northern Ireland,” according to Sky News.

“Analysis of the activity and output of the model suggests the arrival of CME at midnight on 11 October, with persistent effects lasting until 12 October,” according to the SWPC.

The solar flare, officially known as a coronal mass ejection, was spotted by satellites on Saturday and faces Earth.

A period of more activity during the day may come as such Day Cycle 25 began.

The weather forecaster in the space “Suspicious0bservers” further elaborates on the impact of CME today.

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