More Than 70 Killed as “Crumbles” in South Africa Despite Military Intervention

South Africa may be on the verge of collapse, and all the warning signs are there. The robbers targeted foreign stores, shopping centers, distribution / warehouses, and raided gun shops. Shortages arise in food, fuel, and ammo.

More than 70 have been reported killed since the social unrest begins last week after ex-president Jacob Zuma was jailed for failing to appear on a corruption inquiry. Supporters of Zuma, the country’s first Zulu leader, are stepping up looting that has devastated KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Johannesburg and destroyed national supply routes, resulting in food and fuel shortages in affected area.

According to the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa, more than 600 stores have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

President Cyril Ramaphosa sent military to quell the riot, but no one has so far worked.

Civilians are defending their own communities and lacking food, fuel and ammo; the chains of destruction were broken, and it was not easy, about a week, for the country to collapse.

On Tuesday, the Sapref refinary near Durban, operated by Shell and BP, had the operation was closed due to civil unrest.

There is also news that the country’s leading chicken and meat processor, Rainbow Chickens Ltd., has been attacked by thieves, meaning widespread food shortages could be imminent.

Allegedly, some of the security firms reported to the police “low on ammunition.”

Allegedly from a security group, the robbers targeted all the gun shops.

Community members set up private patrols to protect their community from rioters.

Someone explained that the riot came from Zulu mobs to starve the “Whites / Indians.” An unidentified man said it could be a “civil war.”

Lots of scenes of chaos.

Even the police robbed.

One Twitter user said, “collapsed economy-KwaZulu-Natal-Durban total devastation after rioters of thousands this year went to Nandi Drive looting to destroy and burn warehouses in private car dealership. “

More chaos.

Footage of private residence fuel bombs by rioters.

Several manufacturing facilities caught fire. It was one of many fires this week.

Further destruction of warehouses.

Then and now.

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