Lockdowns Not Linked To Fewer Deaths (But Linked To More Unemployment)

Dozens of studies have shown that the lockdowns are an ineffective one response to the pandemic. The list just goes on and on.

In May, Youyang Gu, an MIT -trained engineer and data scientist, released data showing that government bans have nothing to do with America’s low COVID mortality rate. Government bans have been linked to more unemployment, though.

“In the U.S., there is no correlation between Covid’s death and changes in unemployment rates. However, blue states are more likely to have a higher increase in unemployment, ”wrote Gu, the creator of covid19-projections.com, a pandemic modeling site. “More bans in one state would NOT be found with fewer COVID-19 deaths. However, more bans are linked to more unemployment.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has finally disappeared and more and more people are beginning to recognize some hard facts about the failures of the combined response to the virus.

George Orwell famously observed that in times it is deceptive to tell the truth a revolutionary act, so the fact that many people finally recognize difficult facts as a sign that we are out of times deception.

For some, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, these facts are bitter medicine. As Hannah Cox observed, Fauci was on the wrong side of many of Sen.’s pandemic compromises. Rand Paul—and found himself at the lost end each time.

Yet the facts are hard things. And 14 months after the pandemic hit, we have a lot of data to show the house orders returned to the fire and lockdowns are horribly ineffective to slow the spread of the virus.

However, the damages of lockdowns, cannot be denied: economic collapse, millions of jobs and businesses lost, sluggish spending, soaring debt and poverty, usa explosion of drug overdose, poor mental health, and breakdown of health barriers (including cancer) which will result in hundreds of thousands of excessive deaths in the coming years – if not millions.

It is not easy to recognize this failure. As in The New York Times Reported in 2017, people struggled vigorously to admit we were wrong.

“Mistakes can be hard to digest, so sometimes we double up rather than deal with them. Our confirmation process began, which is why we were looking for evidence to prove what we believed, “Kristin Wong wrote.” The car you cut into had a small bump on its bumper, which meant it was someone else’s fault. driver. “

There is a name for this psychological phenomenon: mental incomprehension.

“Cognitive dissonance is what we feel when the concept of self – I’m smart, I’m kind, I’m convinced this belief – is threatened by evidence that we’re doing something unwise, that we’ve done something that has hurt other people, that religion is not true, ”Carol Tavris, a co -author of the book Mistakes Made (But Not Me), said of time.

Tavris adds that mental incomprehension poses a threat to our sense of self.

“To reduce dissonance, we need to change the concept of self or accept the evidence,” Tavris said. “Think about which route people prefer?”

The onset of lockdown failures is important for many reasons.

For starters, the 2020 pandemic is not the final pandemic face for Americans. If we are to avoid a painful experience in the future, we need to better understand how the unusual response to the pandemic came and found out which public health policies worked and who didn’t.

But there are a lot more lessons to be learned. In his speech at the reception of the Nobel Prize, FA Hayek warned of the danger of man’s inability to recognize the limits of its knowledge and power.

“There is a danger of the excited feeling of the ever-growing power that is initiated by the advancement of the physical sciences and where man is tempted to try,“ confusion of success ”, to use a natural phrase in first communism, to subject not only our natural but also our human environment to the suppression of a human will, ”Hayek said.

Confused by the success of this era of miracles, Hayek fears that people will be amazed at their accomplishments and believes they can do it. whatever if only they could control society— ”an effort in which he was made not only a tyrant of his comrades, but it could make him the destroyer of a civilization unplanned by the brain that grew out of the free effort of millions- million individuals. ”

We have first witnessed in 2020 the fruit that comes from this effort to control society to save it. There is an important lesson of humility there, if people are wise enough to see it.

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