It is now official, the certificate of protection can be replaced with the application

In his radio interview yesterday morning, the Prime Minister announced the easing of bans on access to five million vaccines, and as usual we will have to wait for the latest Hungarian Gazette to come out.

It states that “it is equivalent to presenting a certificate of protection if the data subject obtains protection against the coronavirus in accordance with the Government Vaccination 60/2021 (II. 12.) vaccination”, the regulation itself began implementation on Saturday, ie now.

All this means that where we have so far only been able to step foot in presenting a certificate of protection (housing and restaurants, spas, cultural institutions, etc.) we are now accepted to have mentioned application.

According to the Hungarian Tourism Agency (NGO), this is necessary so as not to reduce the number of those already vaccinated. n, but they have not yet received the plastic card.

It is important to know that if we confirm our protection on the application, we may also be asked to present the appropriate official card to clarify our identity. Card and app data are available to anyone checking in using COVID Control, but cannot be recorded due to GDPR

It is interesting to note that the application only introduces vaccination at the present time. not if the person may have previously had a disease infection. Until they start something with its lack, many will be forced to carry their security card. Granted, of course, they received it.

The free EESZT application can be downloaded for Android and iOS mobiles

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