FBI Wants Family Members to Snitch Each Other to Prevent “Homegrown Extremism”

“As the Nazis worked to equalize their power and unite a united” national community, “the prevention of misunderstanding played an important role.In 1933, the Nazis issued an order requiring Germans to go anyone who speaks against the party, its leaders, or the government…”-Dealing with History

The FBI released a nasty tweet on Sunday urging “family members and peers” to “know how to detect suspicious behavior and report it to the FBI” in the name of national security.

The broad word tweet from the same agency confiscated a unassembled Lego model at the U.S. Capitol as evidence against a protester on Jan. 6 – suggests that family members “are always in the best position to witness signs to stir up violence. ”For example, your radical nephew Antifa was urged to tell the FBI that you could be a domestic terror threat because you owned a gun and told the family on Thanksgiving that you didn’t want illegal immigration.

The FBI tweet accompanies a campaign that began at least September of 2020, when FBI Director Chris Wray told Congress that the greater threat America faces from domestic extremists (and not the thousands of ‘protesters’ who spent most of last year looting, killing and burning in American cities), who were quick to rally ‘angry white men’ who disagreed with the rules to the Democrats.

Combine that with President Biden’s portrayal of Capitol rioters as ‘white supremacists,’ who he said were ‘the deadliest terrorist threat in our homeland today’, and Gen. Mark Milley, the top U.S. military official as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified last month that he wanted to understand where the ‘white anger’ came from, and it could not be more clear that it was a coordinated propaganda campaign to demonize an entire race to solve a problem that most did not., while genuine domestic terrorism was forgiven as ‘mostly peaceful’ protests.

The 400 murders of people in Chicago every year (black anger?) Obviously don’t register on the radar, but if your designated left-handed family member thinks you’re on the path to ‘extremism’, you can receive a knock on the door.

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