‘Fact Checking’ Virologist Working at Wuhan Lab Suddenly Opens Lab-Leak Hypothesis

The most recent effort to strengthen the COVID-19 natural origin theory stems from Bloomberg, which published a candid interview with Danielle Anderson – an Australian virologist who works shoulder to shoulder with renowned scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, who he was then ran cover for -repeated insistence that COVID-19 could not have escaped from the lab.

Inutshell, Anderson now claims to be the COVID-19 may have escaped from the lab, but maintained that WIV followed appropriate protocols, and he did not find any sick workers (despite leaving in November, weeks before the illnesses were reported) Wall Street Journal.

As such, he goes on to insist that the pandemic has a natural origin – as opposed to escaping from the bat coronavirus lab he worked at, which is known for genetically manipulating the bat coronavirus to better infect people, located in the town where the bat coronavirus infected the human.

However, now that the lab-leak speculation has become mainstream and many have signed an anti-lab-leak campaign surrounded by The Lancet there distancing themselves from a document written by (also contradictory) Wuhan colleague Peter Daszak, Anderson’s change of tone to allow for possibility he repeatedly ‘debunked’ fun.

I don’t understand enough to say that I completely wrote this, ”He says now, while continuing that there is no evidence to support the most reasonable possibility – contrary to the natural assumption that there is absolutely zero evidence to support it.

Anderson admits that it may theoretically be possible for a lab scientist to work to get the mechanism to work so as not to be known to infect themselves and then unintentionally infect others in the community. But there was no evidence of that happening and Anderson rated the likelihood of it being much smaller. ”-Bloomberg

He also said no one was hurt when he left in November of 2019, a month before the U.S. State Department told three WIV scientists are in need of hospitalization after suffering from COVID-19 symptoms. Anderson, however, said he would have heard rumors if they were true.

No chatter, ”He said. “Scientists are gossips and excited. It’s no surprise from my perspective that what happened at that point would make you think there was something going on here. ”

Anderson serves as an Facebook ‘fact checker’ – where he repeatedly ‘discarded’ the lab-leak theory. This course provides great tech with rational ‘science’ to prevent any debate about the matter. He is too ‘broken up’ a New York Post article claiming that “China [is having] a problem of storing dangerous pathogens in the test tubes to which they belong, while selling the now discarded wet-market theory in a paper he co-wrote. The Lancet, which reads: “While acknowledging the hard work of the China CDC team in early response to the 2019-nCoV outbreak, the small number of team members trained in animal health may have been one of the reasons for the delay. to identify a middle animal (s), which is likely to cause the spread of the virus in a market region where wildlife was sold and later found to be heavily contaminated. Look, what animal (s) were involved in the shipment is unknown. “

Surprisingly, Duke-NUS medical school in Singapore (listed as a now companion per ResearchGate) Deposed Bio is Anderson, listed not less than five collaborations on Dr. Peng Zhou | – a Wuhan scientist experimenting with bat coronavirus.

So, Danielle never added anything except that she changed her tone to include possibility in the lab escape, while repeating the same defense of his Chinese counterparts.

Besides, Twitter user @ Daoyu15 brought receipts showing that WIV ‘leak like a sieve’ (while Twitter continues to slap warning labels Zero Hedge reports), along with analysis suggesting that “There are unpublished engineered betacotonaviruses in the entire Wuhan sequencing data,” addingWIV engaged in fraudulent part of the sample origin. ”

It’s like people don’t buy what Bloomberg the sale…

Meanwhile, a team of Australian researchers found that SARS-CoV-2 showed that ‘uniquely adapted to attack human cells, ‘ but more on that later.

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