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If shit hits the fan and your surroundings are literally on fire – or you’re straced and have to start a fire – are you ready to do it yourself and survive?

By applying what you learn in this all-day training, you will be equipped with the tools you need to avoid falling into a state of panic and, in turn, survive, survive and thrive in the wilderness. .

The past 15 months have been crazy, but the world is going crazy, not even crazy. We’ve got Great Reset, 4th Turning, Cyber ​​Polygon and cyber attacks hitting major US infrastructures. In addition, we risk the possibility of climate change, hyper inflation and supply chain collapse.

The time to prepare is now!

Last year, me and my retired special forces instructor completed 3 survival and self -defense trainings, including a flamethrower rage therapy activity. Everyone who participates in these courses should train and learn first hand from me and my instructor, who is a combat veteran serving as a Green Beret in the U.S. Army and an Eagle Scout!

Since then, people have been asking for more. Now I’m back in New Hampshire and ready to give you a chance to 10X your readiness.

In this exclusive training Sunday July 18, 2021 in an undisclosed area near Concord, New Hampshire, you will learn how to:

– Navigation if located in the desert
– Make a fire
– Create a natural habitat
– Master the basics of self-defense

Your training will also include:

– High-stress shooting standards
– .50 caliber shooting
– Shoot a .50 AE Desert Eagle
– Advanced shooting drills (possible)


All of our past trainings have been very good. But don’t take that away from me.

Here’s what past life and self -dense training participants have to say:


“I decided to take the opportunity to sign up for Luke Rudkowski’s survival training class held on 8/30/2020.

I enjoyed a beautiful day out with lots of people and 2 important, dynamically beautiful and amazing teachers! Many know and will continue to develop these skills and build community connections with like-minded people who are out there to support you when you seek them out. ”


“The cost for the class is prime! Good value. Luke and (REDACTED) are great teachers! I’m excited for the next class. ”


“They are perfect, knowledgeable, patient and more interesting to learn from. Preach the class. I will do it again.”


“(REDACTED) is a good teacher, very polite, easy to understand. It’s a very good class. I know some important things of protection that they don’t teach civilians.”


“A real experience of change”


“Training is fun and awesome as well as a great way to meet like -minded people from all over.”


“The overall experience was well worth it.”

IMPORTANT: Upcoming training is for serious individuals who will be able to arrive in the Concord, New Hampshire area on July 18 and who are willing to renew their emergency preparedness skills. You will know the exact location after registering for the course.

You don’t have to be a live or prepper to get this special 1-day training. Although you need to lift 25 pounds and be able to stand and lie on the ground twice.

Also you do NOT have to be a graduate of any of our past trainings. But if you complete any of our trainings, you can get a discount.

It was a full day event costing over $ 1,000. Although you can reserve your spot now at an early bird rate and get this course for ONLY $ 149!

If you complete our training in Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3 of 2020 and are ready to come back for more, you will get a 33% discount (Pay only $ 99).

If you qualify for this discount, you will receive a payment for the discounted portion of your entry ticket to the site on July 18th.

Also remember: if you have self-defense or survival equipment that you would like to bring, after purchasing a ticket, we will ask you to email us what you would like to bring to the training. We will let you know if we can accommodate your equipment.


We have limited availability for this exclusive course and the price will go up.

Don’t miss a single chance to receive 1-on-1 survival and self-protection training for myself and my Green Beret instructor.

Reserve your spot now and lock in the early bird rate by paying with PayPal or Bitcoin.

Bitcoin – 3F5s7fRgAQpvxMrRFhqzpfK3LYDKJZrRc9 * please put your email in the memo so we can message you details

We also take Gold, Silver and Bullets as payment. More information about that by emailing info@wearechange.org

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