Case in India Decline; Paralympic Confidence Key: Virus Update

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New infections in India have fallen to their lowest level in more than six weeks. The onslaught in Thailand showed little sign of slowing down as the country reported one of the highest daily caseloads. Senior bankers can skipping Three -week quarantine in Hong Kong.

The head of the International Paralympic Committee SAYS he would be content with watches to protect athletes at the Tokyo Games, as Japan did raised a state of emergency involving the city etc. in a request to reduce infections.

The World Health Organization has concluded its review of the Sinovac shot in China. European regulators CLEANSED The Pfizer Inc. vaccine. and BioNTech SE for children ages 12 and up. The UK approve a vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. The US takes a “very close look”On vaccine passports for international travel, said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Key Improvements:

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The Vietnam Locks Down Factory (2 pm HK)

Ho Chi Minh City authorities have temporarily locked down a factory and its 700 employees after a kitchen worker tested positive for the virus, according to a post on the government website. The kitchen factory is in partnership with Japan -based Asahi Seisakusho KK, it said.

Vietnam is battling an outbreak in the country that began on April 27 with 3,594 new domestic virus patients reported.

Indian Cases in Six Weeks in Minimum (12:02 pm HK)

New infections in India have fallen to their lowest level in more than six weeks. The country added 173,790 cases, taking a nationwide confirmation of 27.73 million as of May 29, government data showed.

The daily death toll remained below 4,000 for a third straight day. The country reported 3,617 deaths, taking a total of 322,512.

Thai Middle Height Cases (9:10 am HK)

Thailand reported 4,803 new infections, among the highest daily caseloads in the country during the pandemic, and 34 died while the most recent outbreak showed some signs of slowing.

In a daily total, 2,702 infections come from people in prisons, the government said on Saturday. New daily cases in Thailand reached a record 9,635-most of them from prison sets – earlier this month.

Brazil Tightens Entry for Foreigners (8:01 a.m.)

The Brazilian government is reviewing unique and temporary restrictions on the entry of foreigners into the country to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and its new varieties.

A decision, in line with technical instruction issued by local health regulator Anvisa, will be published in a further edition of the official gazette this Friday.

Victoria Writes 5 New Cases (7:19 HK)

The state of Victoria in Australia reported 5 new cases acquired locally and 2 new infections from abroad. The number of active coronavirus cases is at 45, the Victorian government said on Twitter on Saturday.

The state entered into a seven -day lockdown on Friday to address the small but growing cluster of infections. Victoria’s health minister, Martin Foley, said on Saturday it was too early to say whether further crackdown was needed. “It’s a seven -day circuit breaker,” he said.

a bus on a city street: Overview of Melbourne As Victoria in Australia Enters 7-Day Lockdown

© Bloomberg
Overview of Melbourne As Victoria in Australia Enters 7-Day Lockdown

A passenger was waiting at a tram stop during a lockdown in Melbourne on May 28.

Photographer: Carla Gottgens / Bloomberg

Paralympics Chief Confident About Tokyo Protections (7 am HK)

The head of the International Paralympic Committee SAYS He was satisfied with the precautions taken to protect the athletes at the Tokyo Games, as concerns were assured whether the activity could be safely continued during the pandemic.

“We don’t organize games if we believe it could cause a huge spread of the virus,” Andrew Parsons, group chief, said in an interview. “I’m confident in the level of protection.”

Netherlands, Ireland Mas Dali (1:52 pm NY)

The Netherlands hastened its reopening plan as well as cases and hospital admissions continue to fall. Museums, cinemas and theaters could also open from June 5, four days earlier than planned, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Friday.

a group of people on a sidewalk next to a river: First Steps to the Reopening of Shops and Restaurants in the Dutch Capital

© Bloomberg
First Steps to the Reopening of Shops and Restaurants in the Dutch Capital

Customers canal seat at restaurants in Amsterdam on April 28th.

Photographer: Peter Boer / Bloomberg

Ireland will continue to ease virus bans next month, said Prime Minister Micheal Martin. Hotels will be open from June 2 as scheduled while outdoor dining may continue on June 7. Cinemas and theaters will also open and up to 200 people will be able to attend outdoor activities.

Sinovac Review Ends Next Sunday (1:06 pm NY)

The World Health Organization concluded its review of the Sinovac shot in China after it asked for further clarification on the data provided, according to Mariangela Simao, WHO assistant director-general for access to drugs, vaccines and medications. The expert group will meet on June 1 for a decision, Simao said.

The WHO approved the vaccine at Sinopharm in China for emergency use earlier this month.

UK Cases Continue to Accelerate (11:23 am NY)

The UK reported 4,182 multiple cases on May 28, the first time the reported number has exceeded 4,000 since April 1, government data showed.

On Thursday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that plans to end pandemic bans in England on June 21 were hanging. “On balance,” with the highly transmitted variant of the virus first detected in India making up now up to three-quarters of all new cases.

a group of people standing in front of a building: UK City With Multiple Covid Cases-19 Appearance Cases

© Bloomberg
UK City With Multiple Covid Cases-19 Different Cases

Workers stand outside a mobile Covid-19 test unit in Bedford, UK, on ​​May 24th.

Photographer: Jason Alden / Bloomberg

US ‘Looks’ at Vaccine Passports (11:18 am NY)

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in an interview with ABC that the U.S. is taking a “Very close look” of vaccine passports for international travel.

The White House has consistently rejected any suggestion that it make some federal document certifying vaccination status. Liza Acevedo, a spokeswoman for the department, said later that Mayorkas aimed to work already underway to ensure that “all U.S. travelers can easily meet any expected requirement to enter the foreign country.”

EU clarifies Pfizer for Young Children (10:40 am NY)

European regulators CLEANSED The Pfizer Inc. vaccine. and BioNTech SE for children ages 12 and up, paving the way for immunization of most young adults across the continent.

The European Medicines Agency has increased the permit for the shot, which is already cleared for people over 16 years old, a statement said.

Hong Kong Grants Quarantine for Finance Execs (9:52 am NY)

Senior executives of Hong Kong -licensed companies are exempt from the city’s mandatory quarantine rules, the Securities and Futures Commission said on Friday.

a man standing in front of a building: Hong Kong Airport Staff Mandates Covid-19 Test

© Bloomberg
Hong Kong Airport Staff Mandates Covid-19 Tests

A worker wearing personal protective equipment at Hong Kong International Airport in early February.

Photographer: Paul Yeung / Bloomberg

The relaxed rules apply to senior staff who have been vaccinated and also reach out to staff members of associates of Hong Kong licensed companies, according to the statement.

Malaysia Announces Lockdown (8:32 am NY)

The Malaysian government announced a two weeks the country’s lockdown, which will begin June 1 as cases continue to violate daily records.

Only the economic and service sectors are allowed to operate, the Prime Minister said in a statement on Friday. The government is considering aid packages for companies and people affected by the lockdown, which will last until June 14.

a group of people riding in the back of a truck: Malaysia Shortens Virus-Fighting Activities

© Bloomberg
Malaysia Shuts Down Virus-Fighting Activities

Police officers at a border checkpoint between Kuala Lumpur and the state of Selangor at a national Movement Control Order (MCO) in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, on May 25.

Photographer: Samsul Said / Bloomberg

UK approves J&J Vaccine (7:48 in NY)

The UK has clarified a vaccine for use from Johnson & Johnson, the first shot of a single dose allowed in Britain.

The country drug regulator given the green light for the vaccine, the Department of Health and Social Care said Friday in a statement. The permit gives Britain a fourth shot in its arsenal, even if its use may be initially limited due to more than half the population receiving a single dose of the vaccine.

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