Aussie Police Interrogate Citizen on His Doorstep Over 6 Months Anti-Lockdown Facebook Posts

Several videos have surfaced online in recent weeks and months showing Australian police doing what they call “welfare checks” on citizens, which involve dealing with people in their homes. or in public parks at they were questioned as to whether they violated Covid’s lockdown laws, or in other cases attended “prohibited” protests..

“Have you been to any protests before?” asked police in a video and encounter previously shown on RealClearPolitics. “No, I won’t answer it, you’re not here otherwise,” said the man. “I want to know how you got this address, really.” The above Orwellian episode shows that even more is happening, as the latest shocking dystopian video to come out at the bottom shows…

In the aforementioned video widely circulating on social media a pair of police officers came to the door of an Australian citizen (exact location unknown) to kill him if he was to attend a counter-lockdown protest six months ago.

The police actually pulled out a file and showed the man who printed the screenshots what was clearly what he had first posted on social media.

“Do you agree that you put posts on Facebook?” asked the female officer.

“Is it familiar?”

The man responded to the witness, “Yep” – to which the officers immediately asked: “The question raised was, ‘Are you there?’

The unbelievable “suspect” chuckled with laughter at the futility of the cops who showed up at his door to ask if he had attended a protest six months earlier. Naturally he expressed anger that protesting as an independent Australian citizen would be considered anything against the law.

The homeowner fired at the cop who showed up at his door as “loser-ish” and “sad”… “where are we going in life?” he asked. “You got the cops to come here to tell me I protested… six months ago?”

“Well who gave the shock? How illegal is that? Did you protest? ” the man continued as police pressed him for answers.

Below is a different previous incident showing a similar scene of police interrogating people at their own door…

The police officer informed the man that the protest in question was “illegal” – in which the man pointed out the hypocrisy and insanity of everyone:

“The Black Lives Matter protests started two weeks before that… is that illegal? You knocked on their doors?”

“Maybe,” the officer hesitated, now nervous in defense.

We can expect to see more Orwellian intimidation tactics as Australia’s “suppression” of Covid lockdown ‘rule breakers’ continues.

But as has been shown by the recent numerous protests that have shocked many Australian cities, police and state intimidation tactics will only result in a violent explosion in the end as citizens say. “Igo” – flooding the streets to suppress government -mandated “lockdowns” in more and more numbers.

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