Amritsar residents violate lockdown rules like looking at district direction: The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, May 30

While the district administration has provided some lockdown relief on weekends and curfews at night on weekdays, after monitoring the fall in Covid-19 cases, residents are already beginning to violate the standards. curfew at the end of the week. They can be seen gathering on the field to play games of cricket, football and volleyball on the weekends. After the festivities, they gathered near nearby vendors selling kulchas. Not only this, even residents of walled town areas, especially the elderly, gather in parks and gardens to play cards. However, police closed the entrance for the public at Company Bagh over the weekend, residents entered the garden and many of them were seen playing cards over the weekend.

The kids were playing volleyball. Tribune photo

The footprint of religious places has also come to life after the reported drop in positive Covid-19 cases. As the temperature rises, children can be seen swimming in the canals and some swimming pools are also functioning.

On weekdays, no one cares about the recommendations of the markets especially the sabji mandis and wholesale market in the walled city. Many people were seen wearing face masks but only wore them while driving to avoid police detention.

Harvinder Singh, a policeman patrolling the bypass road, said the residents, who had been vaccinated, violated restrictions and always argued that they were safely vaccinated and therefore posed no danger to anyone.

Meanwhile, city police have registered two felony cases. Gate Hakima police booked 20 people, who gathered at a swimming pool in Mulechak Village. The owner of the pool was identified as Parminder Singh of Mulle Chak village. Ranjit Avenue police booked Kanav, a native of Tamil Nadu for the opening of his shop “South Indian Madrasi Dosa” in A Block of Ranjit Avenue.

Amritsar Rural police have booked two shopkeepers in Majitha and Jandiala under Section 188 of the IPC, Section 3 of the Epidemic Act 1897, 51 of the Disaster Management Act-2005 for the opening of their stores.

All stores are open from now on

A day before the ban was lifted, all traders were preparing for the opening of their outlets from Monday. Jagdish Arora, President of the Shastri Market Cloth and Dealers Association, who welcomed the move, said eliminating the alternative opening day of stores will bring regularity to their sales. He said traders are in a position to keep track of their stocks and update their accounts on a regular basis, which has been missing in the past. A large section of sellers have the view that the introduction of GST increases the amount of paperwork and submissions in regular returns. Delaying in writing the details will only complicate the situation.

People who are associated with the wedding industry do not pay attention to the government in the industry that gives economic power. – TNS

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