Pat Robertson Wants to Kill Dr. Fauci

Since mid-2020, Drs. Anthony Fauci has become the conservative ‘Boogie Man. They tried to make him their scapegoat as a way to shift the focus to Traitor Trump’s lies and immoral response to the virus outbreak.

From Laura Ingraham to Tucker Carlson, Fox News hosts fought against reality, and eventually successfully removed Dr. Fauci as lead spokesperson for the coronavirus task force. Trump bought the very famous Dr. Fauci being a faux virologist, Dr. Scott Atlas, who is a regular guest on Carlson’s program.

Taken by Sen. Rand Paul the reins of Congress, dropping Drs. Fauci for several months.

Earlier in the week, Pat Robertson’s € 700 told his audience that he had a shattering story against Dr. Fauci. (Like his claim that the ghost of Venezuela and Hugo Chavez diverted votes from Dominion machines to hurt Trump.)

Pat Robertson, with no statement being made. “I think it’s very clear that Dr. Fauci lied to Congress.”

“He’s breaking the law,” Robertson said.

Today, conservatives are trying to paint Dr. Fauci as the creator of the coronavirus, in their attempt to cover up the former headstrong president.

There is no evidence of that acquisition of function in the Wuhan lab the COVID-19 was created, and it later escaped from the facility without an accident.

Robertson, based on no data, said, “The Wuhan lab can be sure that the coronavirus was created by manipulating bats … function … and that behavior is killing people in all over the world. And this shocking thing, it’s funded by your tax dollars. “

He said, “I really think the man should go to jail. I think he ruined the economies, the people, and now in India they are still suffering and burning bodies and it is out of control.”

“And for Dr. Fauci to sit before the Senate committee and just tell lies to them. It’s a violation of federal law,” he lied, continuing to call for sanctions. “I, for someone who is thought to be unpunished we might think that’s appropriate for someone to do it all over the world we live in,” Robertson recounts.

This hyperbolic vitriol spit on Dr. Fauci is dangerous, cunning, and slippery.

Annenberg’s Fact Check has a deep story about NIH funding for the Wuhan lab.

The Washington Post is also checking the facts Rand rants against Dr. Fauci.

Conservatives across the country who are in politics and on television appear to be trying to assassinate Dr. Fauci in the service of Traitor Trump.

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