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Today, the CDC issued an Order confirming the exception for unaccompanied unmarried children (UC) from the Order suspending the right to identify certain persons in the United States (US). In October 2020, the CDC issued an Order (replacing an Order issued in March 2020), which suspended the right to identify members who are not U.S. citizens who could be identified by an aggregator. -og area at ports of entry (POE) or Border Patrol stations at or near the United States borders to the United States to protect public health from increasing the risk of introducing COVID-19.

President Biden signed Executive Order 14010 in February 2021, which, in part, directed the CDC to review the October 2020 Order issued under Title 42 to determine if it was still necessary and / or if the changes. In February 2021, the CDC published a Notice of Temporary Exception from the Expulsion of Unaccompanied Unaccompanied Children Meeting in the United States Awaiting Public Health Determination (February Notice), which announced the temporary exception of unaccompanied stateless children from the Order of October. After careful consideration, the CDC Director issued an Order, effective immediately, confirming an exception for unaccompanied unoccupied children (UC) from the October Order.

The CDC considers many factors in public health screening and recognizes that, at this time, there is appropriate infrastructure in place to protect children, caregivers, and local communities from the high risk of COVID. -19 transmission as a result of the introduction of UC, and U.S. health resources are less affected by providing needed care at UC. The CDC believes that the public health benefits related to COVID-19 related to the introduction of UC would be sufficiently provided without the UC being subject to the October Order, thus allowing the government to better provide. solutions are human challenges for children.

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