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Today, the Biden Administration released the President’s FY 2022 budget. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) budget request for FY 2022 is the largest increase in budget authority for the CDC in nearly two decades, giving the agency investment in the core infrastructure of public health system in the country.

“This budget request begins to address critical needs to improve the public health system for America,” said CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH. “The country, and the world, face incredible challenges in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Investing in sustainable, sustainable programs and systems to address the shortcomings of the public health system-fair for all Americans – put the country on a better footing to deal with future threats. “

The FY 2022 budget request for the CDC and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) includes a total funding level of $ 9.6 billion by the decision-making authority, Public Health Service (PHS) Evaluation funds, and the Prevent and Public Health Fund (PPHF). This is an increase of $ 1.7 billion over the FY 2021 Enact. Costs include $ 81.75 million for ATSDR – an increase of $ 3.75 million over the FY 2021 Enact. If you count for all resources, including mandatory programs, the budget has a total program level of $ 15.4 billion for the CDC.

Specifically, the budget request includes accompanying funding for:

  • Developing preparedness for future public health crises
    • CDC will continue to build on the initial investment and lessons learned from COVID-19 by investing in public health infrastructure, including the modernization of public health data, public health workers, employees building and facility, and protecting global health.
    • Funding was also sought for several other activities including modernization of quarantine, migration, and sanitary vessel programs, and improvements to surveillance systems that guard against threatening threats to mothers and infants.
  • Reducing racial inequalities in public health
    • The CDC’s budget request includes increasing key programs, including maternal mortality, HIV, and prevention of lead poisoning in childhood, that work to improve health equity and reduce inequalities in health of diverse and ethnic communities and other disproportionately affected communities in the country.
    • The CDC will also intensify efforts to address societal health concerns, conditions in the places where people live, know, work, and play that affect their health.
  • Establish public health practices to reduce violence
    • Among the CDC’s budget requests is the addition of harm and violence prevention programs that will help address the growing crisis of domestic, sexual, and gun violence.
    • The request comes with a new evidence-based community violence intervention initiative.
  • Diseases and epidemics are defeated
    • This budget request includes key investments to help end the opioid epidemic, address the public health impact of the climate crisis, improve our vaccination infrastructure, increase the effectiveness of our vaccination efforts. influenza vaccination, and maintain parasitic disease and malaria activities.
    • Funding is also requested for the Infectious Disease Rapid Response Reserve Fund.

The full CDC / ATSDR request to be found will be available HERE.

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