CDC Issues Next Phase of Conditional Sail Order for Cruise Ship Operators | CDC Online Newsroom

Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the next round of technical guidance under Framework for Conditional Sailing Order (CSO) requiring cruise lines to make agreements with the ports where they intend to operate, implement routine crew testing, and make plans that include vaccination strategies to minimize the risk of COVID introduction and spread -19 of the crew and passengers.

This round, the second of the CSO issued in October 2020, provides technical instructions in:

  • Increase from weekly to daily the regular reporting of COVID-19 cases and diseases.
  • Implement the routine test on all crews in accordance with the color condition of each ship.
  • Updating to color-coding system used to classify the condition of ships with respect to COVID-19.
  • The reduction in the time required for a “red” ship to become “green” from 28 to 14 days is consistent with the availability of onboard testing, routine inspections of inspection protocols, and daily reporting.
  • Developing planning materials for agreements that must be approved by port authorities and local health authorities to ensure cruise lines have the necessary infrastructure to sustain the deployment of COVID-19 on their ships. to include health and shelter capacity to isolate infected people and quarantine the disclosure
  • Creating a plan and timeline for vaccination of staff and port personnel.

The next phase of the CSO will include simulated (trial) trips that will allow crews and port staff to practice new COVID-19 flight management techniques before sailing with passengers. .

The CDC is committed to working with the cruise industry and port partners to continue sailing if it is safe to do so, in accordance with the phase procedure outlined by the CSO.

COVID-19 vaccination efforts are critical to the safe continuation of passenger operation. As more people are fully vaccinated, the appearance allows the CDC to incorporate these advances in planning for continuing cruise ship travel if it is safe to do so. The CDC recommends that all qualified port personnel and travelers (passengers and crew) obtain a COVID-19 vaccine if available to them.

Safe and responsible navigation is safe and responsible during a global pandemic. While sailing often carries the risk of transferring the COVID-19, following CSO phases to ensure the handling of cruise ship passengers is done in a way that protects crew members, passengers, and port staff, especially the outgoing COVID-19s of various concern.

The CDC continually updates its guidelines and recommendations to determine basic safety standards and public health interventions based on the best scientific evidence available. For more information about the COVID-19 and cruise ships, please visit and

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